Are you interested in touring some Civil War Battlefields with one who can bring the history alive? Robert Lee Hodge does this through “primary account-driven sources” — the letters from the soldiers and civilians involved.

Usually Robert tours in smaller groups for a personal approach to “Civil War road-culture” as he puts it, but will accommodate larger groups.

From college classes, to seniors, to elementary school groups Robert makes the effort to try and connect with his audience, using soldiers letters, books, artifacts, cemeteries, museums, historic homes and landscapes to understand history.

Hodge will go the extra-mile when he hops on the road to seek history. Robert said,”For instance, we can read about how the soldiers described the sounds of cannon-fire , but until we literally fire a cannon with a projectile one cannot comprehend and hear that bone-jarring unique live sound — that is making a historic connection on another level.” He added, “Not only can one newly appreciate the sounds of heavy ordnance, but it will also further “ground you” in the grim comprehension of the human destruction such weapons of war would do. But artillery is just an option!”


He added, “I like to think my approach to battlefield touring something akin to Stonewall Jackson meeting Jack Kerouac.”


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“On the March”, with Tony Horwitz

Photo by Phillip B. George

1996. Cashtown, Penna.

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Robert loves "battlefield trekking" and finding the hidden away places that many folks don't know exists. If you have an area you want to learn more about -- be it based on a battle, a campaign, a famous person from the war or even your ancestor -- Robert can probably customize a tour for you, or your group.

This is your chance to ride along with Robert and see Civil War America akin to how Tony Horwitz did while writing Confederates in the Attic.