Robert Lee Hodge’s mother asked him when he was nine years old what he wanted to do when he grew up Robert told her he wanted to be an art director on Civil War films; he had just watched the remake of The Red Badge of Courage the night before.

Over the years Robert has been fortunate to work on Civil War cinema on both sides of the camera. Art and history are at the core of his foundation – therefore exploring historical film was a natural step for him.

Hodge has produced, directed, written, filmed, edited, and researched several Civil War documentaries he is proud of. Hodge’s documentary on the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee won a regional Emmy award in 2007. All of Robert’s documentaries have won Telly awards.

Hodge feels historical films, particularly Civil War movies and documentaries, can be better crafted than they have been.

“As society becomes further driven to learn in various media formats — beyond traditional reading — opportunity arises to help tastefully tell the stories of our rich history through new technology,” Robert said.

Hodge’s goal is to explain the stories in a more clear fashion; being accurate and forthright to all the people that contributed to America’s past.

Robert’s films meld authenticity with aesthetics to help people better understand the great conflicts that forged America’s culture. The films are based on the surviving written accounts from the original soldiers.

Hodge Films will bring you closer to America’s greatest conflict with highly authentic re-creations, vivid maps, original high resolution photographs, a great musical score and effects using period and modern sounds, and excellent narration.





























Available for Purchase:

The following DVDs are available for purchase through Hodge Films. Please contact us if you would like to purchase multiple copies for resale. Wholesale discounts are available.

Battle of Franklin:
Five Hours in the Valley of Death

Winner of a 2007 Emmy® Award and
a 2006 Telly Award

Battle of Perryville:
The Invasion of Kentucky

Winner of a 2008 Telly Award

Spotsylvania Courthouse:
The Clash of Grant & Lee at the Crossroads

Winner of a 2006 Telly Award